मजा तो चलने में है!

एक दिन रास्तों की मंजिलों से बहस होने लगी.

रास्ते ने कहा : ‘ अगर हम न हों तो तुम्हारा कोई अस्तित्व ही नहीं रहेगा ‘

मंजिलों ने इतराकर कहा : ‘ लेकिन तुम्हारा होना है ही इसलिए कि तुम मुझ तक पहुंचो ‘

रास्ता भी कम नहीं था  :  उसने चिढ़कर कहा , ‘ नहीं कई बार गोल – गोल घूमता रहता हूं , तुम्हारे पास से गुजर जाता हूं और तुम तक नहीं पहुंचता . तुम अकेली और उदास बैठी रहोगी अगर मैं तुम तक न पहुंचूं , कई बार तो मैं राहगीरों को इतना मुग्ध कर देता हूं कि वे मंजिलों तक पहुंचना ही नहीं चाहते . ‘ मंजिल उदास हो गई . . .हालांकि उसका गुरूर कायम था. 

This story is actually part of a conversation. 

On the morning of the mild rainy in Bangalore, I was taking tea at a tea stall and I was listing the debate between two friends on the destination and the path.

The question, however, was still there who is bigger the path or destination?

1st guy to another:  There is some destination for every road so, the destination is heavy than the path. Anyway, people are considered as successful in the world, who reach the destination. otherwise, everyone is running on the path.

Me: I was thinking, It is not enough to be in such paths, as more times spent on our path. At the same time, I remember one saying …

“वो मंजिलों पर कब ठहरते हैं जिन्हें चलने में मजा आता है”

And I choose the path, as all the great people of the world gave their whole lives in the path. Many times they did not get the destination. Some of those got his success after his death.

However, it is time to be professional. We are all in the way because we all have a fixed destination, the target is fixed. With the target being achieved, the next destination is fixed and the next target gets fixed and we travel again… Even after reaching the Everest, no one can stay there. One has to come down and start new research.

Tea was over and the debate was inconclusive. I was still glad in the fascination of paths. I don’t know why I was always tempted by the path. 

Today I think that this debate is wrong. Actually, paths should love the destination and reach the destination quickly. Then only the countrysociety or individual will be able to grow in real sense. because Just being intelligent and proficient is not going to work. I think all of us are spending our life in search of an unknown destination. It’s so enjoyable ‘To be on the journey is really be in life. Life is also a journey…

So real fun comes in walking… 


Be like a value pick stock.

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sikis · December 18, 2020 at 4:01 am

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